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All Things PDP

Everything you need to know about The Personal Development PRoject

Video by Central Michigan University

This project will help you participate in the life and mind of the university through exploring opportunities to embrace scholarly inquiry, creative expression, active citizenship, and diversity as you find your place on campus.  It's going to be great! 

On this site, you'll find PDP events  to sign up for, contact information for the people who organized the PDP, and answers to any questions you have about the assignment.

Find CMU-sponsored event through the

View a complete PDP calendar



Dr. Patricia Williamson (she/her)

Director of Honors Program

 HON 100/300 Instructor 

Email:; Phone: (989) 774-1406


Dr. Steven Bailey (he/him/his)

Professor of English

HON 315 Instructor

Email:; Phone: (989) 774-3139

JJ Bert.jpg
Jessica Bertolini (she/her)

Honors Program Lead Teaching Assistant

Email:; Phone: (586) 935-8019

Mario Sangret-Savalle (he/him)

Honors Program Lead Teaching Assistant

Email:; Phone: (5860 623-7452

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